Talking Kurobuta Pork from Snake River Farms

If Gordon Ramseys renowned “Steak” restaurant in Paris Las Vegas serves guests a Kurobuta double pork chop – you know it must be the highest quality to receive a spot on that coveted menu. Kurobuta (in Japanese translates to Black Pig) pork is truly the wagyu of the pork world tasting much more sweet, tender and juicy then the average pork chop and visually streaked with fine intramuscular marbling characteristics associated with Wagyu beef cuts. This particular pork is so much richer in flavor that the Wall Street Journal coined it, “the other red meat.”

Berkshire pork is pork that truly tastes how pork should; It’s a far cry from the bland, lifeless chops in the shrink-wrapped packages from the store, which come from pigs that have been bred by industrial pork producers to have a minimum of fat, and consequently, a minimum of flavor. Derma Meat Co. offers customers pork hind shanks, whole rack and short ribs from Snake River Farms who use only 100% purebred Berkshire hogs (a 300-year old breed) as mandated by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture. Berkshire Pigs, originally from England, are one of the oldest pig breeds known to man. They naturally grow slowly, allowing high levels of Marbling (Intramuscular fat) to develop within the muscles producing a naturally juicy, tender, and moist meat. Snake River Farms are one of the only brands offering 100% purebred Berkshire Pork raised with humane treatment and no added antibiotics or hormones on small family farms in the mid-west and Idaho. Some aspects of their short ribs are their gorgeous plate presentation as it’s a fantastic cut for smoking or braising. In the case of a bone-in pork chop, the best part comes at the end — when no one is looking, of course. Pick up that bone and gnaw on it to get some extra porky flavor. One of our favorite cuts is shoulder spare ribs which is a very meaty rib section towards the top shoulder part of the ribcage. It has ample fat content that renders perfectly when baking, and they make excellent barbecue ribs. It’s also great in soups as the bone flavors the broth and the meat is super tender.