Pre-Portioned Cut Steaks – When the Chefs Talk We Listen

Restaurant owners who create menus with different sized steak, lamb and pork portions may be curious to compare the value between the chef cutting primals for portioned pieces (perhaps she/he has some butchery training) with a meat supplier providing pre-portion cut steaks. Here at Derma Meat Co. we’ve broken it down for you to see the benefits of Pre-portioned cut steaks:

Precise Inventory Control & Food Costing: exact number of portions in a pound of meat is known prior to meat being purchased. The cost per serving of meat can be lowered – the elimination of waste and reduction of time, equipment and labor necessary to serve them results in lower cost per serving equating greater profits for you.

Elimination of by-product and leftovers: every ounce of meat bought can be served without boning or trimming.

Uniform Cooking Time: because all cuts in a specific order of meat are all the exact same portion, shape and weight, they all require the same cooking time. Uniform quality of meats is also strictly maintained.

Portion Control Eliminates variability in cutting with consistency: a meat purveyor has highly skilled meat cutters to prepare the portion ready product so you don’t have to.

Less storage space in cooler needed: portion ready steaks come vacuum sealed for premium storage space. Fresh cuts have a 14 day shelf life (bone in 18 days) because they are vacuum sealed as well.

Eliminate the “86” you avoid running out of a particular meat order as there is a serving instantly available Increase in food safety – no risk of cross-contamination during fabrication – saving you the mess.

Steaks are already aged: avoid having to tie up your cash flow by aging your beef, or serve less desirable un-aged beef to your guests.

Protein Spoilage Avoided: cuts are individually vac packed fresh or frozen and kept that way until you cook it.